Mozart against Ten Holt, ect.

Different use ornaments France/ Germany, ect.

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Through Valentijn M. de Wolf. About performing classical music. In interaction with cursists! Classical music.


give I, Valentijn M. de Wolf, about Classical music and mainly about Performing.
Give then through nice 'facts' and after asking, insight in a sociëty in with music changed!

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a grace note
  f(hard) p(soft)
Sarabande Bach
Prelude Couperin
Differences in using ornaments between Germany and England

'Battle! Germany against France'

Germany against France in flags !!
Differences in using ornaments between Germany and England
Differences(!) in using ornaments between Germany and England(!)
'Battle! Mozart against Ten Holt'

'Battle! Mozart against Ten Holt'

'Mozart crosses swords with Ten Holt'
'Battle! Mozart against Ten Holt'
'Battle! Mozart against Ten Holt' (!!?)

-Question; composed the (meanwhile gone) Simeon ten Holt from Bergen where I
live (Netherlands), really such confronting music or does he possess also something tenderness ('empfindliches') like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? I let see that in a lot of Schuberts pieces still twisting and harsh accords exsists, like Ten Holt used.

Speak as following about music theory and what people do with it in the performing (interpretation).
-Question e.g.; why does Paganini write often in c minor ('lament of the unhappy lover' Schubart says beginning 1800) and in C major? (scale of exaggerated naivety)
-Answer; Paganini was a extreem well violinist. Wrote therefore extreme in feelings;

very complaining against exaggerated happy play.

Tell about how musicians perform music; with help of Quandz's book 'On playing the flute' e.g.. Quandz lived in the Baroque (17e/ 18e century, composer and player of the baroque flute; German flute without flute keys.) Says e.g. in 'On playing the flute' that a 'grace note' (a note before the most important note; the head note) when he is dissonant, has to be played longer. Ugliness is emphasised! (A grace note is an ornament.)

Paganini very complaining1e Track Paganini 4e caprice
very complaining
Paganini exaggerated happy2e Track Paganini 4e caprice
exaggerated happy

-Question; did people use in Germany (under left, Sarabande of J.S. Bach) just as many ornaments as in France?
(under right, Prélude of François Couperin)
and when that was the case, how? And in Italy?
- Answer

-Question; a note (up beat) fòr the 'beat' (first beat of the bar) in a quick part (e.g. an allegretto) will be played faster, why? -Answer; such a part has more power and sounds more emotional then!

Futher; -I explain what the music ment in prosperity (social economic aspect) and -Witch feelings in music will be express and why (psychological side).

Tell about differences in treating ornaments with e.g. :

Battle! Mozart against Ten Holt, ect.

Readings concerning content. Through Valentijn M. de Wolf. Simularities and differences e.g. between Mozart and Ten Holt. Why does a special composer write in c minor? Did in the Barok people make ornaments in German music? And how in French music? Classical music.

Tell about differences and similarities of stile marks in the past and present, e.g. in the:

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